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Home Sweet Home (HSH) manages, rents and maintains homes

Our website is as wel in Dutch as in English but the pages Furnished (Gemeubileerd) and SemiFurnished (Gestoffeerd) are combined. After visiting the combined pages you can go back to the English pages by using the English Menu on top of each page

Because of the corona virus and measures taken by the dutch government, the office opening hours have been limited. Incoming emails are handled but it could be with a delay.
For urgent matters use the emergency phone.

The last update date of the information on this site is:
December 28, 2021

We know which properties are coming up for rent in the (near) future. We therefor advice you to contact us if the desired property cannot be found at present in our site.

We have room for new (all-in) property management and are looking for homes in the better areas with medium/higher rent prices.
Owners, give us your problems and come to our office and let us inform you about the way we work and the rates. You will be pleasantly surprised about the possibilities. Maybe till soon?

HSH is a member of a foundation which is involved in preventive measures against fraude with rentals, the SBWH. For more information see www.sbwh.nl.
We are registered as a “Keurmerk Verhuur Veilig” member.

We check potential tenants at the Waarderings Register Huurders (www.wrh.nl) for their rental past

HSH sponsores the Muzee Scheveningen

Who are we:
Home Sweet Home property management provides for both private owners, owner associations and tenants, management, maintenance, renting and rentals under 1 roof. Our properties, whether you are looking for an apartment, house, studio, flat, furnished, semi-furnished or other, are of good quality, have caring owners and are mostly situated in the better areas of Scheveningen and the Hague.
Service and quality is our core business

Why make use of our services, it only cost extra money? Yes, but it also gives a lot in return. The security that everything around your property gets done in a professional way and you do not have to have contact with tennants if you don’t want to. In other words; a peace of mind. We further check all potential tennants at their rental past in the Waarderings Register Huurders, the WRH
Interested in a good daily and financial property management of your property or owners association? Ask for our conditions and rates.

Why make use of our services and spend the extra cash instead of working directly with an owner?
For assurance. Tennants are often not familiar with city areas and local habits (expat?). Assurance you find a home in an area and of a quality-level with the same quality of owner, you desire and sign an official contract (our thorough rental contract with extensive check-in report prevents a lot of problems). Assurance you have someone to guide you through subscribtions etc. and have an impartial back-up at hand in case questions or problems should arise.
Is the property you are looking for not published on our site, contact us. It might be we have it anyway.  Tel. 070 2205081